Staedtler Pigment Liner Review

I bought a pack of these pigment liners for some basic drawing tutorials. I am not an artist and my drawings look basic and terrible (I don’t think I will be sharing them 😀 )! There is not much to say about these pens, so my review will be quite short.

When using the pens they are quite fluid. They are fun to draw and write with. I did have some trouble where the smaller nibs seem to have broken off and now require the pen to be straight up and down to write or draw with them. I believe this is my own fault and I was using too much pressure on the finer tipped pens. So if you are using them, try to be somewhat gentle. They are a little pricier than regular pens, but they do feel a lot nicer to write and draw with.

I give them 3.5 stars out of 5 (4 stars if I was 100% certain that the tips breaking off were my fault).


  • Fun to draw with
  • Smooth and clean lines


  • Smaller pen tips broke, which was probably my own fault

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