Motorola Vehicle Power Adapter micro-USB Rapid Rate Charger Review


I ordered one of these micro-USB phone chargers back in 2013. For two and a half years, it has worked flawlessly. Within the past few months, the internal wire has become fragile and will only work after moving it around a good bit. It does charge pretty quickly compared to some other car chargers I have used in the past, but by no means will it charge your phone as fast as a wall charger.

The charger is quite sturdy, made of hard plastic and with a thicker wire than most chargers have. It has a bright blue circle that lights up when it is charging. While it is nice to have a visual signal that shows your phone is charging (Especially since mine is starting to go bad, and I have to mess with the wire to get it charging), it can get annoying while driving at night, and having it reflect off windows and/or mirrors. There have been a few occasions where I saw it in my rear view mirror and thought there was a police officer behind me!

The price was lower when I bought it, I paid $6 for mine. At the time of this review, the prime listing is $17.99 so that is the price point I will use for this review.

TitleMotorola Vehicle Power Adapter micro-USB Rapid Rate Charger
Prime Price$17.99
Lowest New Price$11.99
  • Has lasted 3+ years
  • Sturdy construction
  • Blue light to show that it is charging
  • Average to above average charge time for a car charger
  • High cost compared to other car chargers
  • Blue charging light can get annoying at night
  If I needed another micro-USB car charger, I would absolutely buy this again.
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