London Pottery Geo 4-Cup Teapot Review

I bought this teapot a little over a month ago, and it has been great. I purchased a bunch of different loose leaf tea along with the pot, hoping to cut back on drinking so much soda. So far, it has definitely helped!

There are two sizes, a four cup and a two cup, I bought the larger 4 cup teapot. I always boil enough water to fill the whole teapot, and it provides more than enough tea for a single person or a perfect amount for two to three people. Since I make so much tea at once, It takes me a while to drink it all; thankfully, the tea pot does an excellent job at keeping the tea hot (or at least warm enough by my own standards) for over an hour.

The teapot has a removable metal infuser that is quite sturdy, and not a simple metal mesh that I have seen in some other teapots. The holes in the infuser are very fine, so it does an excellent job in preventing bits of tea leaf from going into the teapot itself. Both the infuser and teapot are dishwasher safe, which is a nice bonus. I mostly handwash both, but I have thrown them into the dishwasher on a day I was feeling a bit lazy, and they came out perfectly fine.

The teapot is sturdy, and does its job well without being too expensive. I highly recommend it!

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