Logitech G35 Gaming Headset Review

I have used the G35 headset for many years, so this won’t be a review of something I only used briefly in testing. While I generally like Logitech products, I am by no means a fan boy. This will be my honest un-biased review of the headset.

The G35 is a circumaural headset, meaning it completely goes around your ears. Overall I find that they are very comfortable and do not squeeze too tightly on the head. Some headphones I have tried hurt my head after wearing them for long periods of time, these are not one of those. I wear glasses and have found that these headphones are still comfortable while wearing them. With anything playing in the headset, either game sounds, music or someone talking, it is very hard to hear anything else. This is great when you don’t want to hear other stuff in your house (like a nagging mother/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/kid 😀 ), but is bad when you might be wanting to hear something going on near you (Like the doorbell for that pizza delivery!).

The construction of the G35 is what I would consider average. They are by no means flimsy headphones, but are definitely not rock solid. I find that you can get about 2 years or so out of a pair of these before parts start breaking. My current pair has electrical tape keeping one of the ear pieces from falling off.

Sound quality is incredibly important to gamers and audiophiles alike. When I first got a pair of G35s many years ago, they provided some of the best quality sound on the market for a USB headset. This has since changed. The G35 headset is now quite average in sound quality. They get the job done, but don’t expect to be blown away. I used to play a lot of Counter-Strike, and while it was easy for me to hear footsteps, some of my clan mates heard them louder and cleaner. When it comes to music playing through the headset it sounds quite normal comparable to generic radio quality. One good thing the headset has, is a built in volume adjustment on the one ear piece. This is great for when you need to adjust the volume without alt-tabbing out of a game or something.

The built in microphone is pliable, which is good as it is next to impossible to break that way. It is very far from completely noise canceling. I find that the microphone will pick up a lot of talking and loud noises in a room, however it does not pick up every little sound. I find it acceptable for a built in microphone, but not ideal. To help fix this issue, the mic is incredibly easy to mute as there is a button on the side of the headset you can quickly press to disable/enable the mic. This comes in very handy when someone walks in the room and starts talking to you while you have an open mic going in skype or a game for instance.

The price has dropped drastically since I first got a pair. I remember they were around $200 when they first hit the market. Now you can snag a pair for around $60-$70. This is a very good price for the quality and performance of this headset in my opinion.

I give them 3.5 out of 5 stars.


  • Good (but not amazing) sound quality
  • Decent construction
  • Built in flexible microphone
  • Affordable
  • Easy mute/sound adjustments


  • Starts to fall apart after a couple years
  • Microphone will pickup some unwanted noise
  • Sound quality is average compared to higher quality headsets


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