Blogging about money!

Blogs about money are a hot topic. While I do not want mine to revolve around it, I do want to periodically post about it. I have a few posts that I would like to create that talk about passive income, investing, dividend stocks, and being financially independent. I recently started using the investment service Betterment (Here is my referral link), and will be doing a write up of them soon.

These are all things that have become more and more important to me as I get older. With recent economic and political events going on in the US, it has become very apparent that I need to start spending my money more wisely and make sure I plan for retirement.

I want to travel the world and experience life. If I do not make changes to how I am currently living and how I spend money, I will barely be able to take any vacations at all!

I am tired of feeling broke all the time, and not living my life the way I would love to live. These are things that I have the power to change, but never took the steps needed to do so. Hopefully my posts in the near future can help you learn about taking the steps to live life on your terms too!

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