American Weigh Scales LB-501 Digital Kitchen Scale

This will be a short review just like my last one about a scale. Essentially, the scale works. It weighs things.

That being said, it isn’t the best scale in the world if you are trying to weigh small amounts. I used it quite extensively making vape juice (the juice for e-cigs), which requires precision to one one hundredth of a gram.

Due to frequent use and tiny weight measurements, I had to recalibrate this sucker A LOT. If you could not recalibrate the scale I would have thrown it straight in the trash. It had a very hard time giving an accurate measurement between uses and even during use. So if you need a scale that is exactly accurate, you will have to get a more expensive but higher quality scale.

The biggest redeeming quality of this scale is that it is inexpensive and does a decent job giving you an accurate weight of larger items. If you just need something basic to measure 1g or even .1g of something, like food or a small package for mailing, then this scale will suit you perfectly.

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